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Sleepless London and What’s happening #2

The “Night Tube,” just opened in London, running all night on Friday and Saturday. Giving night goers extra time for tea! Check out London.

We may have lost Gene Wilder, but Willy Wonka fans can soon get a taste of everyone’s favorite chocolate maker with “unique twists on classic steak … and so much more.” It’s set to open in 2017. Sounds delectable! Visit Universal Studios Orlando.

And finally – Dubai is going to build a fully enclosed rainforest inside a hotel! It’s still a good time to visit, though.

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The Top 10 Castles to Visit Worldwide

The world is swarming with stunning castles that were once inhabited by the rich and famous or royalty. Nowadays, the gates are opened for us tourists, granting us a fascinating peek into a lifestyle we can hardly imagine for ourselves. We put together a list of the top 10 castles worldwide based on visitor count with links to fun activities for each so you can get the royal treatment when you visit!

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A Weekend in London with the Kids

London is not only one of the most flourishing European capitals but has also got so much to offer when visiting, especially with kids! Now, when on vacation with the whole family, we know that long queues, historical museums and guided tours can be quite boring for kids.

Guest author this week is Rasmus, our Chief Commercial Officer and he came up with the perfect itinerary for a fun weekend in London with the kids – no time for boredom!

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Top 10 of The World’s Most Visited Countries

The World Tourism Organization recently published their 2014 edition of ‘Tourism in the World’, with a report stating the most popular tourism destinations, regarding the number of visitors per year.

Although France wins as the world’s most visited country, we were quite surprised that Spain made it to number 3 and Russia is even in the top 10! While the UK is only landing on the 8th rank, Turkey surprisingly made it to the 6th place of the most visited countries.

Check out the top 10 of the world’s most visited countries and all the fun things to do over there, while you’re on a holiday!

1. France

84.7 million visitors


2. The United States

69.8 million visitors


3. Spain

60.7 million visitors

Park-Guell-in-Barcelona-Spain4.  China

55.7 million visitors


5. Italy

47.7 million visitors


6. Turkey

37.8 million visitors


7. Germany

31.5 million visitors


8. United Kingdom

31.2 million visitors


9. Russia

28.4 million visitors


10.  Thailand

26.5 million visitors