5 beautifully remote destinations

“I need a holiday! I want to switch off and get away from the daily grind.” – All of us. You book your days off, promise yourself a lovely relaxing holiday, finally arrive at your dreamy destination, and within hours find yourself lying on the beach, sipping a refreshment… browsing through your work emails or […]

7 of Europe’s best old towns

Like cities frozen in time, old towns bring us back to another era, when life was slower and mystery waited around every cobbled corner. Europe offers some of the world’s best-preserved towns and neighborhoods, letting us stroll through history, taste tradition, and feel the past. Here are 7 of Europe’s most picturesque old towns that […]

MeetYourGuide to Budapest

With its art-nouveau spas, picture-perfect architecture, and mouthwatering restaurant scene, it’s easy to see why Budapest has emerged as one of Europe’s most unmissable destinations. To find out how to explore Hungary’s capital like a local, we chatted with Hidasi Kata Lídia of budapestUNDERGUIDE, who’s been helping visitors discover everything her home city has to offer […]

Snack your way through sakura

Japan’s cherry blossom season is about way more than just pretty trees. Known as sakura, this fleeting spring phenomenon is celebrated and cherished across the nation with hanami parties. And while the blossom may be the main attraction, food and drink play an equally important part, not only at hanami parties but in sakura as a […]


MeetYourGuide to Tokyo

Tokyo just doesn’t do boring. It’s simply not in its DNA. From ancient temples and traditional sushi houses to neon-lit karaoke bars and futuristic firework displays, Tokyo is a city that doesn’t stand still — and it’ll get you moving to its unique rhythm of life from the moment you arrive.

But in a city ripe for exploring, where do you even begin?! Sure, you know the main sights, but what about Tokyo’s secret spots and under-the-radar events? To find out, we chatted with Taku Takabe of Japan Panoramic Tours, who has spent the last 30 years exploring all Tokyo has to offer.


So, Taku, what’s your favorite place in Tokyo that tourists don’t visit?
Taku: It’s a secret Japanese-style pub in Nishi Shinjuku called Sumiyoshi. Here, I can try all kinds of different sake while learning lots about them.

Where’s the best place to eat brunch in Tokyo?
Taku: I recommend a vegetarian restaurant called T’s. It’s easy to get to as it’s located at Ueno Station, and it’s very healthy!

What’s the most Instagram-worthy place in Tokyo?
Taku: It has to be Asakusa! There are vivid colors all around, and you’ll also find temples and shrines. There are all kinds of interesting buildings and monuments in this neighborhood.

What’s the most exciting event to happen in Tokyo this year
Taku: Tokyo hosts a number of firework festivals during July and August. They are really amazing!

What’s your favorite season in Tokyo?
Taku: Winter’s my favorite season. Tokyo does get very cold, but there are beautiful illuminations located across the city.

What’s the best activity to do on a rainy day?
Taku: I recommend visiting the Edo Fukagawa museum. It recreates what Tokyo looked like during the Edo period.

How long have you been a tour guide?
Taku: I’ve lived in Tokyo for the last 30 years, and I have been a tour guide here for three years. I organize tours of Tokyo, Mt Fuji, and Kyoto. I recommend our Tokyo tour for first-time visitors because it provides people with a great overview of the city.



The 5 most stunning natural wonders in South America

1. Perito Moreno, Argentina


Witness one of the most spectacular glacial formations in the world by taking a 45-minute boat cruise up close to the 200-foot south glacial wall. Then walk along the footbridge in front of the glacier for panoramic views of the sublime landscape.

2. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


Explore the sights and wildlife in the Galapagos Islands on this full-day yacht tour from Santa Cruz. Visit Tortuga Bay Beach, La Lobería, Canal del Amor, and Playa de los Perros to see sea lions, marine iguanas, reef sharks, and other marine animals.

3.  Iguazu Falls


Fly over one of the “Seven Wonders of Nature” on a thrilling helicopter flight above the Iguazu Falls with an experienced guide. Learn about the region’s unique flora and fauna, and get breathtaking views of Brazil’s Iguaçu National Park.

4. The Amazon River


Discover the wonders of the Amazon rainforest with a 3-night stay at the Juma Eco Lodge in the Juma River reserve. Famous for its primary rainforest, the reserve provides endless opportunities to see wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, river dolphins, alligators, spiders and snakes.

5.  Lake Titicaca


Experience life on the largest lake in South America on a 2-day tour of Lake Titicaca, widely considered a major cradle of civilization in the Andes. Explore the rich history of the lake and its indigenous groups, including the Inca and Aymara people.


The 5 most stunning natural wonders in Australia

1. The Great Barrier Reef


Snorkel among the fish and coral gardens of the outer Great Barrier Reef. With over 24 brand new locations to choose from, you can enjoy a tailored itinerary based on the weather conditions. The destinations will be chosen from sites on Flynn and Milne reef or further north at Norman and Hastings reefs.

2. Uluru


Experience the extraordinary natural beauty of Uluru (Ayers Rock) on a half-day tour from Ayers Rock Resort. Drive around the base of the monumental rock, visit the Mutitjulu Waterhole, see Aboriginal rock art and watch a sensational sunset.

3. Shark Bay


Experience four incredible days of amazing scenery, adventure, hiking, wildlife interaction and Australian culture on a four day Perth to Monkey Mia adventure.

4. The Twelve Apostles


See Australia’s most spectacular coastline along the Great Ocean Road. Experience the rock formations of the 12 Apostles. Watch as the bushland meet the sea from the comfort of a small personalized coach with a local driver/guide.

5. Fraser Island


Discover the remote and untouched western side of World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. Swim, hike, snorkel, kayak and more on a full-day adventure.


The 5 most stunning natural wonders in North America

1. Grand Canyon


Whether you see it from above by helicopter, below by boat, or choose to tour its hiking trails by foot, Arizona’s Grand Canyon is one of North America’s most breathtaking sights. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it came to be!

2. The Rocky Mountains: Banff & Jasper National Parks


This one-way tour from Banff to Jasper takes you through some of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in North America. Following the spine of the Canadian Rockies, view a never-ending procession of mammoth mountains jagged peaks and glaciers.

3. The Everglades


Glide across a river of grass on a small airboat and experience the Florida Everglades without the crowds. Get up close to wildlife in their natural habitat, discover a landscape untouched for years and get spectacular panoramic views.

4. The Redwood Forest National Park


Escape San Francisco to enjoy California’s pristine nature on this half-day tour to Muir Woods National Forest. This tour features extended time inside the park, giving you plenty of time to marvel at the beautiful ancient redwood trees.

5. The Yosemite Valley


Experience the incredible scenery of Yosemite National Park and a Giant Sequoia Walk all in 1-day on this tour. You’ll have hours to explore, marvelling at the Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and amazing Giant Sequoia trees before returning to San Francisco.