NEWS: 5000 Tours & Activities online

Five thousand, fünftausend, cinco mil, cinq mille, 五千…

In anyone’s language, five thousand is a significant number, and this week, we passed a fantastic milestone – 5,000 tours; live, online, and promoted to millions.

GetYourGuide is growing rapidly, with supplier signups and tours being added from 6 continents daily (we’re still working on Antarctica!).

Since our last post announcing the partnership with, we have opened our Las Vegas office (howdy!), focused on acquisitions from all around the world and some of us have even been working on our German language learning! As a result, we are seeing sensational growth in all of the key statistics for our and your businesses – site visits, tour views and most importantly, booking rates – and the best part is that these figures are being replicated consistently from week to week.

What does this mean for suppliers partnered with GetYourGuide? As our profile in the global travel community increases, and we see more visits and more bookings more often, it has never been a better time to work with us, and we’re encouraging all our suppliers to consider what additional products they can list. If you have only some of your inventory online, why not load more products? Contact your Product Manager to discuss how we can promote your business better, and get ready for the European high season! If you’re in an area heading into a slower season (like Australia for example), this is a great time to plan ahead and look for ways to increase your guests from the North American and European regions.