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  1. Hi John,
    My name is margi and I am writing you from Manila Philippines. I am starting a tavel agency that also operates our own custom tours of the Philippines. I am looking for a way to advertize our tour online for Chinese tourists to contact us directly. What can you suggest re: How Chinese tourists feel about booking online? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks. Margi

  2. Hi Margi,

    advertising to Chinese customers can be tricky. If you can read Mandarin, you can try putting up ads on Baidu, the Chinese search engine. Investing into Google ads even though they’re excellent value in China can be dangerous given Google’s current situation there.

    As for booking online: Chinese people have only transitioned to booking online in the last 2-3 years. Before it was very inconvenient to pay online by credit card and it used to be common that you book online but would have your ticket delivered by a messenger who would also collect the money (kind of like food delivery). Nowadays, it’s more common, especially with white-collar worker. Nonetheless, the fact that Ctrip,com, the biggest OTA in China, also runs Asia’s largest call center should tell you something about the booking behaviour of Chinese consumers.


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