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8 Tips For Saving Up To Travel

8 Tips For Saving Up To Travel!

Living the dream, escaping on a tropical island far away and embracing the sun, swimming in crystal-clear water–that sounds great but also has its price. Airfares, hotels and living costs on your holiday trip add up to shocking costs. Of course, its worth it (memories are forever) but there are a few ways where you can save up money with small tricks in your every day life.

We came up with 8 saving tips that will cut costs which will make you save a small amount per week but trust me, in a few months this will add up and enable you to take the dream vacation of your life!

1. Go Online-Shopping


There are plenty of sites out there as Amazon where you will find anything you need, but to a better price than in your store around the corner–promised! Delivery is most of the time free and it will only take a day or two for your goods to arrive. Heavy discounts on household items, killer prices on food–They have got it all.

Moreover, it is so easy to just go online and buy everything with one click. This will for sure save you a lot of money per month!

2. Ditch Starbucks


We must admit it–branded coffee just tastes amazing. The special espresso flavor, the heart in your milk foam, the everyday smile from the guy at the shop. Nevertheless,  it is also expensive. You can save around 100 Euro just by buying your own coffee and brew it at home. Invest this money into a journey that takes you somewhere you have never been before…

…and taste the coffee over there!

3. Skip Office Lunches and prepare Your Own

bowl of cottage cheese with vegetables - lunch time

I know it’s tough to say no to all your colleagues that are heading out to the pizzeria next door for lunch. But you won’t regret skipping the dripping cheese temptation as soon as you are sipping on a cocktail at a white sandy beach with the money you have saved. Preparing your own lunch will not only save you costs but it also usually is enough for two meals and even tastes better in many ways than ready prepared meals, trust me.

Besides, you will pimp your cooking skills which will also make your friends and family very happy!

4. Live Healthier


Speaking of skipping prepared meals, go ahead and save even more money on eating mainly at home. Use fresh ingredients–vegetables and fruits are not expensive and will also make you feel better, double win!

Cut down on cigarettes and booze. Drinking is a costly pleasure! Although it is wonderful to sip on a glass of wine at the end of a rough day–but maybe you will enjoy this one even more by watching the sun go down in your holiday resort soon? It’s your choice!

5. Garage Sale


Be honest to yourself–how much stuff at home is just lying around without any use? Clothes that you have never worn since they didn’t fit or you arrived at home and asked yourself why you would have ever bought this color? Clean up your house, ask your family if they want to get rid of certain things too and organize a garage sale! You will be amazed by how much you can get rid of.

Invite your friends and this day can not only fill your wallet but actually be a nice occasion to have a BBQ and enjoy time with your loved ones.

6. Cancle Cable 


This is the big question–do you really need over 100 channels on TV? Nowadays with online providers like Netflix you can watch your favorite TV shows at a fraction of the price of your cable package which costs quite a lot of money.

On the other side, you have more time to read a good book or spend some quality time with your family instead of sitting in front of the TV. Win-win situation once more!

7. Stock up on Food that is on Sale


If you find an unbeatable deal at a supermarket, buy more! Goods like pasta or rice are storable for a long time and you can cook various meals with it. In that way you will not only save but also ensure always having something stored at home if you are too lazy to go to the supermarket.

In general, try to stop at grocery stores that are generally cheaper and only go to selected higher-priced ones if you need something special that you won’t get anywhere else.

8. Create an Expenses Overview


After these tips on how to cut costs on a daily basis it is also important to keep track on your expenses and savings. Best way to do so: create an excel file with your entire spendings in a week. Once you buy something it is important to note it down and at the end of the month you will come to realization where you are spending too much money and how you can save it in the future.

Your dream trip will become reality!


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  1. Some good tips. I would also say that if you were planning to quit everything to go travel and live abroad, then don’t spend forever at home saving, get up and go! There are working options along the way, that actually help you integrate into the country you are in. Even if you don’t make much money you can have fun where you are. I personally lived on a $10 a day wage in Cairo in 1997 as a film extra. not enough to save and travel, but enough to live and enjoy where I was.

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