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Winter Time – Theater Time

Theater fun facts and the hottest shows for this winters season of spectacles when you just need to sit back and enjoy the entertainment!

A Weekend in London with the Kids

Our guest author this week is Rasmus, our Cheef Commercial Officer and he came up with the perfect itinerary for a fun weekend in London with the kids – there is no time for boredom!

Segway Tours in Italy: A New Trend

Segway tours in Italy are perfect for families, teens, young travelers and well, just about anyone brave enough to put on a helmet and cruise through these historical cities on two wheels!

The 10 Most Livable Cities in the World

According to the ‘Global Liveability Ranking’ from The Economist Intelligence Unit, the world’s most liveable cities produce chocolate and watches….again!


Winter Time – Theater Time

As the  days get shorter, we tend to snuggle up on the couch in the warm and stay in at night. But – what’s better than a visit at the theater or taking the family to a comedy show? Winter time for us is definitely show time, to sit back and enjoy the spectacle while it’s snowing outside.

But do you actually know where the theater was invented? We came up with a list of  fun facts regarding the boards that mean the world and the highlights of this season’s best musicals,  dance performances and more!

The show must go on! Did you know that…

1.  The theater (‘behold’ in Greek) began in ancient Greece and was a former religious ceremony? The audiences at that time used their feet instead of their hands to applaud.

2. The place with the most costumes in the world (1.2 million) is….Disney Land Orlando.

3. The 27th of March is ‘International Theater Day’ since 1962, when the ‘Theater of Nations’ in Paris opened its doors to the public.

4. ‘Les Miserables’ is the world’s longest-running musical having opened in 1985.

5. In 1600, when Shakespeare performed his plays at the Globe Theater in London, no women were allowed to play. Young boys had to dress up as actresses since it seemed to be too risque a place for the ladies.

6.  Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and he invented the word ‘assassination’ which he used in the play ‘Macbeth’.


7. The latest addition to the broadway’s famous musicals is ‘Aladdin’. Watch as the famous story of Aladdin is brought to life at New York’s Amsterdam Theater, and experience a magical new Broadway musical. 

8. In London, each year there are 18,000 performances being held, and over 13 million people are watching the many shows and musicals. 

9. Berlin has a unique offering for tourists: A bus that let’s you explore the city from its roof top but…on board are a bunch of excellent comedians that will also test your laughing muscle!

10. In New York, you can take a guided tour around the broadway theater district where you will learn all about the New Yorker stage history, see the most famous theaters and  get ready for 2 hours of non-stop entertainment! 



A Weekend in London with the Kids

London is not only one of the most flourishing European capitals but has also got so much to offer when visiting, especially with kids! Now, when on vacation with the whole family, we know that long queues, historical museums and guided tours can be quite boring for kids.

Guest author this week is Rasmus, our Chief Commercial Officer and he came up with the perfect itinerary for a fun weekend in London with the kids – no time for boredom!


Start your day off with a fun bus tour. No, it’s not what you think, not another bus tour – it’s a ride along a bus that will travel in time - it sets the street of London back to the 1960s and will show the whole family what the city looked like back then, thanks to a theatrical high-tech  show on board!


After lunch, check out the Science museum. From aircrafts to microchips, the museum offers plenty to learn but also lets the children interact with many different exhibitions and turns a museum visit to a completely different experience!

Covent Garden is always fun to visit with kids, whether it rains or not! We were lucky and met the finalists of of the tv show ‘Masterchef’ which were selling street food and there was a Ben&Jerrys ice cream truck, handing out ice cream for free – you never know what’s going to happen here. With many restaurants, theaters and shops, this is definitely a place for the whole family. You can explore Covent Garden on your own pace or on a guided walking tour of ‘Quirky London’, where you will learn all about the strangest facts of the city.



For the ultimate London experience, we of course, had to explore Harry Potter’s world at the Warner Bros. Studios to set foot in the actual places where the movies where filmed. It is a short ride with the bus to the outer circle of London but well worth the time! You’ll find yourself in the world of wizards and  witches and we even tried flying on a broomstick!


Back in town, it was time to visit  Granary square close to the refurbished Kings Cross for the Ice Cream Festival and from there we took a stroll along the canal to Camden Market where you can find anything from clothing, delicious treats and souvenirs. The kids loved it here especially since they got to tried out many different snacks from all over the world.


Finally, after an amazing day, we had dinner at Yo Sushi and went to Matilda, the musical, which was fun and amazingly coordinated by the Royal Shakespeare Company!


Before it was time to head back home to Berlin, we went to see all the crazy exhibits at  Ripley’s Believe it or Not. As we chose the skip-the-line option, we rushed passed the queue at the entrance and saved a lot of time. The house itself is as bizarre as one would think – we saw weird dinosaur eggs, a mirror maze and much more which invites to explore the crazy exhibition on 5 floors.


Having lunch in Chinatown, we went to the Sea Aquarium in the afternoon as it was raining. On 3 floors, be prepared to fully dive into the Sea world, watching sharks and crocodiles swim by. With many interactive stops, this turned out to be a highlight for the kids just before leaving London for this time, heading to Heathrow airport via the Express train.



Segway Tours in Italy: A New Trend

This week’s guest author is Carol, living in Florence and working as a guide for Segway Tours of Florence, Rome and Milan!  You may have seen Segways first in the mainstream media on the show “Arrested Development” but did you know that they are one of the most popular rides in Italy?

Segway tours in Italy are perfect for families, teens, young travelers and well, just about anyone brave enough to put on a helmet and cruise through these historical cities on two wheels!  Despite appearances, Segways are fun, safe and an efficient way to navigate a sightseeing tour. They are especially useful in convincing kids and teens to take a guided tour in Italy!

Thankfully, the guides employed at Italy Segway Tour are fun and knowledgeable so finding an engaging sight-seeing tour is half the battle- the other half is won by getting to ride on a Segway. In other words, the time you spend on a Segway tour will fly by as you have fun and learn about some of the world’s most breathtaking and iconic UNESCO protected sights.

Here’s the scoop on Italy Segway Tours in Florence, Rome and Milan with a few highlights:


Rome Segway 2

In Rome, Italy Segway Tours offers 2 options: An Ancient Rome Tour and a Baroque Rome Night Tour. The Ancient Rome Segway Tour is the most convenient avenues to visit the entire historical center of Rome in less time than simply walking. On Segway you will glide from the Colosseum to the Imperial Forums, from the Circus Maximus to the Santa Maria’s Church and its Bocca della Verità wall sculpture and much more!  Highlights of the tour includes iconic ancient sights, visits to rose gardens and breathtaking panoramic views over Rome. On the Baroque Night Tour in Rome, we glide during the evening hours to discover Rome by night from the Forum of Trajan, through Venice Square and proceed to the Pantheon and then to the famous Navona Square; you will also visit the impressive Temple of Hadrian. Segways can navigate through tiny Roman allies, through the Italian Parliament building  to the marvelous Spanish Steps. The final destination of this memorable tour will be the famous Trevi Fountain.


Florence Segway Tour

There are again two options: A day and night tour. By day, you’ll visit and meet every sight you need to know in the renaissance pearl of Florence. You’ll ride past the majestic Dome of Brunelleschi and the Uffizi Gallery, the modern Piazza della Republic Square and last but not least, the unique square of Santa Croce, which is a church that houses the tombs of the greatest Florentines in history like Galileo and Michelangelo. By night, on Segway you’ll glide through Florence’s famous sites when they are beautifully lit and most enchanting, not to mention gliding over to the Arno River  to admire the sequence of bridges like Ponte Vecchio that embellish the Florentine scene. Starting from the Republic square and a few sights in between, Segways visit the Strozzi palace and the Dome of Florence. Our final destinations includes gelato! What a sweet deal.


Milan Segway Tour

Like Florence, Milan offers a day and night Segway Tour. The Historical Segway Tour by day  is the most efficient and convenient avenue to visit the entire historical and fashion center of Milan in less time than simply walking, from the Cathedral square to the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, from the Sforzesco Castle to Via Montenapoleone. Milan is a massive city and touring it by Segway will make it fun while covering the most amount of ground. On the night segway tour in Milan,  the tour is comprised of a small group and glides from historical places in Milan’s city center to check out brand-new modern skyscrapers including the tallest skyscrapper in Italy. Learn about Milan, developing projects, architects, modern evolutions and daily life in Milan.

Rome Segway Tour

Conclusion? If you are visiting Italy and want to see the most important sights while having fun with friends and family- take a Segway Tour. All tours include an info and intro on how to use the segways (meaning that even the clumsiest person can ride them!) safety measures and a local, friendly expert tour guide and leader. Even though I mention you’ll be gliding past sights and monuments, you will get in depth explanations and interesting curious tid bits from our expert trained local tour guides who speak English beautifully!

Please note that The Italy Segway Tour is a sightseeing tour, we do not visit the inside of monuments and museums.


The 10 Most Livable Cities in the World

According to the ‘Global Livability Ranking’ , the world’s most livable cities produce chocolate and watches….again!

If you live in one of the Top 10 livable cities congratulations! If not, it’s time for a visit possibly? For  each city, we came up with our favorite attraction or tour – get inspired! 

10. Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland is not only one of the world’s top spots to surf but with its sunny climate and the urban atmosphere of a big city, it has got a lot to offer! Within 30 minutes you find yourself in the nature, surrounded by stunning beaches or forests. If you are an adrenaline junkie we have got the perfect activity for you: Bungee Jumping at the Adventure Park in Rotorua! Fall more than 140 feet into the Paradise Valley which is one of the most beautiful landscapes nearby! 

9. Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most important financial hub but also a buzzing city which is set to be one of the favorite travel destinations in 2015. Nearby stunning beaches and a great climate but also incredible shopping opportunities and many fun attractions make this 7 million city to one of the most popular cities in the world.

Our tipp:  Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the skyline at the Victoria Peak. With a guided tour, you will see the highlights of Hong Kong Island but also take the tram up to the peak to see the bay from a whole different perspective. 

8. Berlin, Germany


Berlin, recently also ranked as the most ‘fun city’ in the world, has got a lot to offer: From historical sights to an incredible nightlife and a very good price-value, the capital ranked well-deserved in the top 10. The Berlin Wall which fell 25 years ago, now exists only in a few places to remind of the horrible separation of East and West. Nowadays, Berlin evolved to a modern city with many young people living here and a very liberal attitude to life. A must-see is the Berlin Reichstag building where you can visit the glass dome and learn a lot about the history, architecture and politics in the center of Berlin. 

7. Stockholm, Sweden


The trendy and modern city of Stockholm knows how to party but also how to be one with nature: There are many national  parks around the city where you can also visit the Nyfors waterfall. In winter time, the many charming christmas markets will bring every grinch into the christmas spirit, with mold wine and gingerbread cookies. If you want to visit Stockholm be sure not to miss a tour through Gamla Stan – the old town

6. Luxembourg City


Definitely a town where you can make great business as it is one of the richest cities in the world – apart from that, the capital of Luxembourg features wonderful architecture, stunning castles and a picturesque old town. Of course, which can’t be forgotten is the ultimate proximity to Belgium, so make sure to drink a beer over there!

5. Helsinki, Finland


What really is so attractive about Helsinki is the city’s mix of a relaxing port town at the Baltic Sea with many possibilities for fun outdoor activities and on the other hand being Finland’s biggest city with many shopping facilities and parties going on. Especially in winter, skiing and more takes places everywhere near the city and the winter wonderland attracts many tourist that are looking for the perfect location to see a real Northern capital. With a City Tour, you will see all the major highlights and more! 

4. Copenhagen, Denmark


This small town has got a lot to see! Being very stylish and cosmopolitan, the Danish capital became one of the top European tourist destinations 2014 and we know why: with its many small streets and the cute shops, bakeries and the delicious food, the city has got its own character and the many colorful houses add make the place even more special! Despite taking a picture next to the Little Mermaid, you should definitely go Cod & Flounder fishing! Sail aboard a real fishing vessel and enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Oresund and the Baltic Sea. 

3. Singapore


This ultra-modern city has got it all – amazing art galleries, delicious Asian food and of course everything a metropolitan city has got to offer. From Southeast Asia’s best shopping hub to outdoor activities like bike riding or island hoping (Sentosa Island),  Singapore has got something for everybody to offer and it never gets boring! We recommend to do a Night Adventure Bumboat Ride. While cruising around the Singapore River, you’ll see the most important sights by night and there is some time to go to the nightly street-food market. 

2. Zurich


Set against a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and lakes, Zurich, Switzerland, has much to offer visitors in terms of scenery. It is also a capital of commerce, however, acting as home to several high-profile banks. There are also a variety of other fun activities for travelers to take advantage in this beautiful Swiss tourist magnet. And of course, there is chocolate. Visit the famous Lindt Chocolate Shop and do a lake cruise to see all the sights from a different perspective! 

1. Geneva


Geneva…this years’ winner! So why is it so especially great to live in Geneva? Not only is it rich in architecture and set next to a stunning lake, surrounded by the Alps but it is also one of the richest cities in the world.  A cosmopolitan hub with people coming from all over the world, Geneva also becomes more and more international. So, what can you do in Geneva – anything you wish for. From skiing in the winter to sailing on the lake in summer time. Our top pick is to drive a Segway throughout town. In that way you will explore the history and beauty of the town on the fast track, with a local guide bringing you in the loop about all of the city’s secrets.