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Stay Curious
Incredible World of Art–This Week’s Highlights

As seen on the art blog Junk Culture, Swiss artists and twin brothers, Frank and Patrik Riklin created their latest project recently which is called: “BIGNIK”. It requires the participation of the viewers and is in facts only possible too see as a whole from a birds-eye perspective!

Top 10 of The World’s Most Visited Countries

Check out the rankings of the world’s countries with the biggest number of tourists per year! Some numbers are surprising but all of these countries have got so much to offer, let’s go and explore!

10 Places to Go Before They Get Too Famous

We would like to present you 10 places of which you can be sure have not been befallen with tourists and which for now still count as undiscovered. You will think back about the adventures that you have been experiencing in these uncrowded places and say: “I was there when….”

(Deutsch) Der ultimative München Oktoberfest Guide

(Deutsch) Grüß Gott! Es ist wieder so weit! Das Oktoberfest findet vom 20. September bis zum 5. Oktober statt. Mit unserem Guide rund um das größte Volksfest der Welt erfahren Sie die besten Tipps für Ihren Aufenthalt. Hier finden Sie alles und mehr!


Incredible World of Art–This Week’s Highlights

It is Wednesday and time for some art and culture updates from around the world – Each Wednesday we will provide you with all of the week’s art highlights regarding amazing art installations and much more that will make your jaws drop. Let’s discover the artsy side of the world together! 

Think Big, think ‘Bignik’- Patrik & Frank Riklin – Switzerland

As seen on the art blog Junk Culture, Swiss artists and twin brothers, Frank and Patrik Riklin created their latest project recently which is called: “BIGNIK”. It requires the participation of the viewers and is in facts only possible too see as a whole from a birds-eye perspective!

2014-07-17-frank-and-patrik-riklin-bignik-picnic-08 2014-07-17-frank-and-patrik-riklin-bignik-picnic-07 2014-07-17-frank-and-patrik-riklin-bignik-picnic-03

The outdoor installation fills a large public space in Stein, Switzerland with a enormous picnic blanket in red and white (the colors of the Swiss flag), inviting visitors to become part by bringing their sandwiches, sunscreen and a sense of adventure. The construction of the oversized blanket  was accomplished by sewing together thousands of towels, curtains, sheets and tablecloths, which were all donated by locals.


“Art has to have a clear function”, Patrick says, and his brother Frank shares that conviction: “It should be experienced amidst life and not be confined to art galleries and museums!” We think this is an amazing idea and that it is true–art shouldn’t only be defined to be displayed in galleries…if you are traveling to Zurich soon, here is an insider guide to the 10 best contemporary art galleries.

If you wish to travel to the mountains in Switzerland, conquer the “Queen of the Mountains.” Scale the Rigi by cable-car and enjoy a historic journey to Vitznau by funicular railway. Visit Weggis, the Vierwaldstättersee and Lucerne. Marvel at the unique landscape of the central Swiss Alps.

Aquatic Wildlife painted in 3D Layers - Keng Lye – Singapore


As seen by, we are truly impressed by Keng Lye’s incredible 3D-layer art works of the nautical wild life. Using acrylic layers of resin, he creates the images of lifelike fish and other animals which look 100% real–a brilliant work of trickery! Here you can see how he does it! 


See much more of this series titled Alive Without Breath on deviantART

Want to discover Singapore and its artistic side? Find the 10 best galleries here! If you want to explore the culture of Singapore, discover traditional Chinese customs on this 3-hour tour of Singapore’s Chinatown. Get your fortune told by a Chinese fortune teller, understand the philosophy of yin and yang in Chinese medicine, and discover the traditions at weddings and funerals.


Top 10 of The World’s Most Visited Countries

The World Tourism Organization recently published their 2014 edition of ‘Tourism in the World’, with a report stating the most popular tourism destinations, regarding the number of visitors per year.

Although France wins as the world’s most visited country, we were quite surprised that Spain made it to number 3 and Russia is even in the top 10! While the UK is only landing on the 8th rank, Turkey surprisingly made it to the 6th place of the most visited countries.

Check out the top 10 of the world’s most visited countries and all the fun things to do over there, while you’re on a holiday!

1. France

84.7 million visitors


2. The United States

69.8 million visitors


3. Spain

60.7 million visitors

Park-Guell-in-Barcelona-Spain4.  China

55.7 million visitors


5. Italy

47.7 million visitors


6. Turkey

37.8 million visitors


7. Germany

31.5 million visitors


8. United Kingdom

31.2 million visitors


9. Russia

28.4 million visitors


10.  Thailand

26.5 million visitors



10 Places to Go Before They Get Too Famous

10 places to go before they get famous–pack your bags!

In our globalized world today, travelers these days get tired of exploring yet another tourist trap with overpriced attractions and the crowded beaches, cities and islands.

We would like to present you 10 places of which you can be sure have not been befallen with tourists and which for now still count as undiscovered. You will think back about the adventures that you have been experiencing in these uncrowded places and say: “I was there when….”

1. The Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Discover the incredible Salinas Grandes, one of the nature’s largest plateaus and a very unique ecosystem in the region. They are difficult to get to thats why tourists have not yet overcrowded the place. Therefore, it is definitely worth the visit instead of going to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flats since this spot is already heavily touristed. 

This desert was once a salty lake, but over time all the moisture evaporated leaving nothing but salt. Big Salt Works is located in a depression at an altitude of 8,858 feet (2700 meters), connected along its northern border to Guayatayoc Lagoon. At an altitude of approximately 11,000 feet (3, 368 meters), Salinas Grandes is the 3rd largest plateau in the world.

Discover this amazing part of Argentina!

2. York, United Kingdom

Minolta DSC

This charming little city is a rising star on the travel horizon! Away from the hustle of the big English cities, you can enjoy yourself having a beer in one of the many old-school pubs, cafes and tea rooms. In addition, York will be one of the places the Tour de France was stopping through this summer. For the historic lovers out there–here you can find the biggest Gothic cathedrals in Europe!

The city even offers a FREE free, 3-hour walking tour which takes in all the major sights in York. Learn about the city’s history dating back to the Roman, Viking, and Norman invasions. Walk the city walls and see the historic Shambles as you experience the “Capital of the North”!

3. Puglia, Italy

Viva Italia! Located at the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia especially impresses with the high-quality of excellent food. In a few years, it will be known not only for its delicious and pure Mediterranean cuisine (think eggplants, olive oil and fish) but also for its lovely and charming farmhouse holiday rentals directly by the sea side.

Take a full-day tour of Puglia and Basilicata to experience the region’s food, wine, and landscape. You’ll visit 2 wineries and savor some of the best wines produced in the area. You’ll also have the chance to explore the ancient city of Matera.

You’ll travel with an expert guide through unspoiled landscape boasting centuries-old vineyards that have produced the famous Primitivo, Negromaro, Sussumaniello, and Aglianico e Bombino Bianco wines.

4. Riga, Latvia

Now named as ‘European Capital of Culture 2014′, Riga will surely become one of the most visited cities in a few years and will lose its status of ‘Europe’s best kept secret’. Hurry then, because it will only get more expensive from now on! These days, Riga is also still known to be one of the most charming and cheapest cities in the world. For around 33$ per day you can get around, sleep and eat!

Discover the Latvian town of Riga in a unique way: with your very own Segway Personal Transporter! This fun, high-tech vehicle is easy to use and takes you places that a car or bus can’t.

Prepare to set off – either on your own, with a group – and explore the Old Town of Riga, which is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe. This provides you with the freedom to choose what you want to see and when you want to see it.

5. Myanmar

The tourism industry in Myanmar is booming. Make sure you visit this breathtaking destination as soon as possible since the visitor numbers rose from 300,000 tourists in 2010 to over 2 million last year! 

Find out why people from all over are flocking to Burma on this grassroots Yangon tour. Get in touch with Burma’s unique traditions and culture via visits to pagodas, parks, museums, and markets.

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Burma (Myanmar) has a truly fascinating history, tradition, and culture, and this Yangon city tour will give you the opportunity to explore some of the city’s icons and better understand local life here.        

6. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Haven’t heard of the ‘Great Blue Hole’ yet? Well it’s about time! Divers and hobby snorkelers and discovering that Ambergris is going to be the new hot spot in Central America for the joy of exploring the sea world. 

Dive down to the  beautiful coral reefs of the Belize Barrier Reef on a 4.5-hour snorkeling adventure. Your passionate and professional guide will lead you through the coral reefs and point out the barrier reef’s tropical marine life along the way.

7. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia was picked as ‘Europe’s cheapest tourist city 2014′ and it is not going to win this price again in the near future as the tourists pilgrim to Bulgaria’s capital in torrents. The crowd is very fashionable and trendy, mingling at one of the many cute cafes in the city center next to historic churches, outdoor markets and an impressive number of architectural sights.

Sofia, Bulgaria’s existence dates back to the time of the Romans, giving it many historical treasures to enjoy. A guided tour may be the most interesting and informative way to see the Roman ruins, ancient Byzantine churches, and beautiful mosques that are scattered about the city.

One such tour includes some of the best of Sofia’s cathedrals, churches, and museums and finishes the day with dinner and a taste of Bulgaria’s local folklore. 

8. Kotor, Montenegro

A wild land where mountains drop straight into the sea and delightful towns such as Kotor and Perast, cling to the coastline on the route south from the border with Croatia–and barely overcrowded with tourists–maybe Russians. Generally speaking, this is our top destination for next year! Turquoise water, excellent fish and other local treats and quiet, sandy beaches surrounded by mountains where you can also go skiing in winter convinced us–this is truly heaven on earth! 

There is a small island called ‘Our Lady of the Rock’ (Gospa od Skrpjela)  is a man-made islet, with a sailors’ votive shrine by the same name. The islet was built by constant heaping up of stones that started in the middle of the 15th century with a museum, and has been going on, to some extent, to this day. The islet covers an area of 3030 m2. Here a local guide is waiting for you to explain the history of this island and its church.

9. Koh Rong, Cambodia

We’d say Koh Rong can definitely keep it up with absolute dream destinations like the Maldives or Seychelles except the island barely gets any visitors for now. With only a few bungalows in small fisher villages, it has a lot to offer apart from amazing snorkeling: pure solitude! There is not airport on the island, you need to take the ferry!

10. Zimbabwe, Africa

Zimbabwe, Africa, Rainbow over the Victoria Falls

Number 10, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe–ok it is already famous–but only because they recently have expanded the nearest airport and travelers can reach the extraordinary waterfall easily from now on. 

How about some White Water Rafting though? Head to the Zambezi River for the ultimate white water experience. Take on the grade 5 rapids of one of the world’s best rafting rivers. Take in the breathtaking views of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s 7 natural wonders and get ready for some thrills!