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10 Ways to Save Time on Vacation

Weekend getaway planned? Save precious time on your vacation with our tips on how to max out your mini-break!

(Deutsch) Ihre Insider-Tipps für Berlin sind gefragt

(Deutsch) Sie sind diesmal dran: Was ist ein absolutes Muss, wenn man zu Besuch in Berlin ist, wo gibt es die beste Currywurst und welcher Ort zählt zu Ihren Lieblingsecken? Insider-Tipps verraten und gewinnen!

10 Traditional Christmas Foods Worldwide

Whether you are enjoying the upcoming holiday season at home or far away on another continent, it is always fascinating and helpful to know, what other countries’ habits are on how to celebrate christmas and of course, what’s cooking for festive occasions.

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The 10 Best Things to Do Around Christmas

You may have chosen to celebrate the most festive time of the year somewhere else? We have got the perfect adventures ready for you! These 10 best things to do around christmas worldwide will set every grouch into the right spirit!

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10 Ways to Save Time on Vacation

Weekend getaway planned? Save precious time on your vacation with our tips on how to max out your mini-break! From the airport on, there are many ways to quicken things up to save you time on your holiday. With these tips, you can actually spend 12 hours longer on quality time with your family then standing in queues everywhere! 

1. Airport: save 15 minutes


If your destination has a choice of airports, be sure to pick the one which is closer to the city. You will spend less time getting into town.


2. Transfers: save 45 minutes


Make sure to pre-book shuttles or buy train-tickets online in order to save money and to avoid being lost at the airport not knowing how to get into town. If you need a transfer, we have many great offers available in a lot of different cities world wide.


3. Hotel: save 1 hour


Why not use for accommodation? The website offers holiday rentals from locals – that way you will be sure to live somewhere away from touristic places and central at the same time.


4. Mapping: save 90 minutes


Before your trip, mark the spots you want to visit on a map. That way you will know where to go straight away rather than wasting time in the hotel planning your holiday. If you need inspiration on what to do in your destination for the fun part of the trip, we have over 25,000 tours to choose from worldwide!


5. Apping: save 30 minutes


Whenever you have booked a tour or purchased tickets to visit an attraction on your vacation, download our app  so you won’t be needing to print out tickets and look for them in your bags each time.


6. Meals: save 1 hour


Don’t travel aimlessly for somewhere half descent to ear. Make reservations at the most promising spots, ask friends or locals for recommendations or book a special night out with us. We have a variety of fun cabarets, theater-tickets and private dining possibilities to offer which make your night just special and very unique.


7. Get Around: save 30 minutes


Buy a public transport or city pass that covers your entire stay so you don’t have to wait in line these nasty ticket machines before each journey. City passes have many other advantages as free admissions for many attractions, discounts at restaurants and special offers for souvenir purchases etc.


8. Skip-the-line: Save 2 hours

Why wait in line for several hours? Pre-purchase your attraction ticket beforehand online and skip the queues! That way you will save precious holiday time and the kids won’t be bored, having to wait for your turn to visit the attraction.


9. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour: 3 hours


Only got a weekend in the city? The best way to see everything there is including all the highlights and different districts is by bus! With several lines and routes to choose from, you can sit back, relax and let the audio guide tell you all about the most important facts and historic details so that in a short amount of time the city is yours…


10. Airport time: save 1 hour

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If you travel with a hand-luggage, you can check in online with most airlines and arrive at the airport only 40 minutes before your flight takes off which allows you to use your last day in town to the maximum!




10 Traditional Christmas Foods Worldwide

Whether you are enjoying the upcoming holiday season at home or far away on another continent, it is always fascinating and helpful to know, what other countries’ habits are on how to celebrate christmas and of course, what’s cooking for festive occasions. Traditions are surely very local and what might be a delicacy for one is something very different for the other which also leads back to the fact of what was passed on to you as a child. 

We were interested to know what families far away are used to prepare as Christmas dishes and feel like we should embrace the possibility to may introduce a dish that has been cooked for generations in another country, to our own home this Christmas! For each area we are also happy to recommend you the best gourmet tour we have to offer, so you are also able to learn how to cook the inspiring new dishes! 

1. Romania: Sarmale


A very traditional plate leading back to the Ottoman Empire: pork or beef cooked in tomato sauce and afterwards being rolled up with rice in a cabbage leaf. If you are ever in Bucharest, this is an absolute must! A must-see on the other hand: visit Dracula’s Castle on a day trip and learn all about the legends & mystery that have happened here. 

2. Singapore: Curry Devil


In Singapore, people are serving the Devil’s Curry on December 26. Why? Because in this curry, all the left overs from Christmas Day are being mixed together in a stew: chicken, cabbage, sausages…and with a spicy touch, the ‘rempah’ gravy, this meals gets even more special! In the morning, visit a wet market and see where everyone get’s their fresh ingredients from! Try various breakfast dishes and visit China Town – a unique experience indeed! 


3. Switzerland: Ham with dried beans


Varying from many festive dishes during Christmas, cooked ham and ‘dried beans’ are very common to be served around the Zurich area. The beans were being dried up to 2 years  – this dates back to the times of war when it was common to dry many fruits and vegetables in order to make them longer sustainable. Nevertheless, they are very tasty and make the perfect side dish for the juicy ham. In case you are in Zurich, don’t miss out on..the cheese! With a sightseeing and gourmet tour including Switzerland’s most famous cheese fondue, you will not only explore the city but also get to know the delicious culinary side of Zurich. 


4. Russia: Zakouski


A part from being famous for their vodka, the Russians like to cook of course! Have you every tried Zakouski? It is being served on special occasion as hors d’oeuvres – tiny pieces of bread with caviar, eggs, smoked fish and different sauces are most popular. What to drink? Vodka!

While you are in Moscowdiscover how to cook the very famous Borsch soup, a traditional dish which consists out beetroot, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, meat and onions. A cook will also introduce to the rich history of the Russian cuisine! 


5. Japan: Toshikoshi Soba  


As Japanese don’t tend to celebrate Christmas, they have a few festive traditions for New Year’s Eve! If you eat a buckwheat noodle soup before midnight, it is said to be good luck for prosperity and a long life. While in Tokyo, go on a culinary adventure! Taste some of the most famous dishes at a street market.


6. Sweden: Jansson’s Temptation


Sweden is known for its delicious cuisine but what is being served on Christmas? Who would have thought  – a part from a huge variety of fish, a very famous plate is called ‘Jansson’s Temptation’, named after a very popular opera star: Pelle Janzon. The rich dish consists of potatoes, onions hering and cream. On top there is a thin layer of bread crumbs!

If you are in Stockholm and you would like to get to know the Swedish cuisine better, go on a brunch cruise! Along the water ways of Stockholm you will explore traditional treats and the Baltic sea breeze. 

7. Italy: Fest of 7 fishes


 At the Amalfi Caost, fish is easy to catch – but the flavor is so unique, everything is cooked to perfection and the eel which especially can be found in all great restaurants in December, is simply delicious. A plate of 7 delicacies will be prepared for Christmas dinner, ranging from Calamari to shrimps and clams.

Once you pay the Amalfi Coast a visit, don’t miss a trip to Sorrento and enjoy the unique scenery – even in winter!


8. China: Tangyuan (moon dumplings)


Formerly used to protect the ears in winter, the rice flour stuffed dumplings now are being served as a traditional dish for the winter and lantern festivities, sunk in a sweet and savory sauce! If you want to cook authentic Chinese dishes yourself, take a cooking class in Shanghai – chat with the cook about living in China and try outstanding meals accompanied by Chinese tea. 

9. UK: Mince pies


The pies are literally ringing in the season – with a delicious filling of fruit and beef concotion, you can buy them everywhere on the streets. The mix of sweet and savory is very special but incredibly tasty! While in London, check out the gourmet guided market walk: take a journey through London’s food markets and taste the culture of the British rich cuisine. 


10. Spain: Pavo Trufado de Navidad


An upgrade to our beloved turkey. This one is stuffed with truffles! (oh yeah). If you are in Spain during the Christmas season, pay a visit to Barcelona, the stunning city nearby the sea. Take  a stroll along the beach and go for a bike tour (even in winter!) to explore the city!


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The 10 Best Things to Do Around Christmas

It’s that time of the year again…christmas carols can be heard throughout the city, the smell of gingerbread cookies and mulled wine lingers in the air and the first snow is falling. With the days getting shorter and Christmas is approaching, you may have chosen to celebrate the most festive time of the year somewhere else, to discover new christmas customs and explore a new holiday destination? We have got the perfect adventures ready for you! These 10 best things to do around christmas worldwide will set every grouch into the right spirit!

1. Manhattan – Holiday Yacht Cruise with Jazz, Cocoa & Carols


New York, New York – one of the most beautiful places to celebrate christmas. The whole city turns into a winter wonder land and you are right in the middle of it! Why not explore the city from a different setting for once? Jump on-board a cruise ship which is illuminated with beautiful christmas lights and let the journey begin! Sail around Manhattan and see the New York skyline, decked out in its Christmas clothes, and warm up with complimentary cocoa and cookies as you listen to live entertainment and carols!

2. Chicago – Christmas Light Tour


This enjoyable Christmas lights tour will take you through the brightly decorated streets of Chicago in the evening. Never been to one of Germany’s famous Christmas markets? Well now is the time! Chicago is known to have one of the most authentic German markets look-a-likes set up in town. Enjoy delicious mulled wine or hot cocoa which will definitely warm you up! Otherwise, just take in the festive atmosphere and sing along the choir that gives carols to its best. 

3. Paris Christmas Gourmet Tour of St-Germain-des-Prés


Paris, voila! You are lucky enough to be spending a few days in one of the most romantic cities in the world. But, during the holiday season, Paris even steps up a notch and presents itself in magical Christmas decoration which will take your breath away! And then there is the food…discover the magic of Christmas with this special winter gourmet tour in the heart of the bohemian Paris neighborhood of St-Germain-des-Prés. Your guide will escort you to some wonderful specialist gourmet shops, from pâtisseries to boulangeries, introduce you to chocolate makers and invite you to sample a superb selection of delicacies along the way…bon appetit! 

4. Kayak Tour in Rio de Janeiro


Every year for the past 18, the city of Rio de Janeiro has built one of the country’s most enchanting Christmas trees and set it floating through the waters of the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, casting the city in a spectacle of light and sound. Hop on a kayak to experience this unique spectacle and learn more about the rich history of Rio and its christmas tree while paddling towards the floating tree. A must see for locals- and visitors, this tour provides you not only with insider-information but also offers you one of the best shows of the year here in Rio. 

5. Experience Christmas shopping in Prague


Prague is one of the most romantic capitals in Europe and has its very own charm, why not visit it with somebody who knows all about the fascinating city? Your guide will take you to the largest market at Old Town Square where you can see the biggest Christmas tree in Prague and many other stalls and activities. Enjoy the festive surrounds and activities and take the chance to buy some unique Christmas presents for your loved ones at home. Varying from artisanal soap to delicious chocolate and hand-knitted scarfs, the choice is yours! Apart from shopping you will also hear many interesting facts about the historic side of the city and how Christmas is being celebrated. Merry Christmas! 

6. Rome: Christmas Traditions Tour


Discover how Romans celebrate the holiday season, and see the city’s spectacular festive decorations, from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza di Spagna! 

7. Berlin Christmas Lights Tour by Bus


Berlin, recently ranked as the most fun city in the world, has got much to offer not only when it comes down to partying: During Christmas season, the city itself is beautifully illuminated for the festive time of the year. Every evening the city will be ablaze with light – feel the fascinating magic throughout and hop-on a bus which will take you to the most famous sights, allowing you to take breathtaking photos of the most popular attractions. Finally, visit one of the many stunning Christmas markets in town and drink the traditional mulled wine which is also available in many different variations, e.g. orange-ginger, strawberry and much more! 

8. Vienna Christmas Markets Tour


Stroll through the markets at the Rathaus or the Belvedere Palace, wander over to those at Marien Theresian Platz, Schönbrunn, or Karlsplatz, or opt for the most known and largest of them all held in front of the City Hall. The unique backdrop gives this market a charm all of its own, and the delicious aroma of punch, traditional gingerbread, roasted almonds and honey is enough to lull any visitor into the seasonal joy.

9. London Christmas Bike Tour


Tour the festive lights and sights of London, with a bike tour across the seasonal displays and Christmas markets. See the lights at Oxford Street and Covent Garden, visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, and see the Harrods’ window displays! London during Christmas time is a must-see – while riding along the lovely decorated streets you’ll also learn interesting facts about the main sights that you will come along and learn about what the locals do on Christmas day and during the holiday season. 

10. Stockholm: Christmas Old Town by Lantern Light


Stroll down the enchanted streets of Stockholm by lantern light at Christmas time. This walk offers a blend of history and Swedish Christmas traditions. Walk along winding alleys to the aroma of glögg and pepparkakor – traditional holiday treats! Take in the city during this season of the year and see how it comes to live at night, while learning about traditional Christmas celebrations and finishing up your stay in the Swedish capital with the whole family.