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What Smart Travelers Should Do This September

Need inspiration on where to head next? Find useful tips on what to do this September and travel advice for the coming season!

Paris with Kids – 48-Hours Guide

Exploring Paris with Kids can be so much fun! No, it’s not all about Disneyland. Go explore the City of Lights with the whole family the different way, on one weekend!

5 Things About the Beauty of Travel

We all love to go on vacation and travel the world–traveling enriches you in many ways. Here are 5 reasons why traveling is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Get inspired!

The 10 Most Incredible Beaches in the World

You love beaches and are already planning your next trip to the seaside? Check out the 10 most incredible beaches in the world!Have you been to one of the amazing beaches yet? If not, what are you waiting for!


What Smart Travelers Should Do This September

Book Art Basel Miami Beach


The actual event starts December 4, but it’s always good to be there a bit in advance to avoid stressful last-minute bookings for hotels etc.

Miami is one of America’s the most popular tourist destinations. As the gateway to the Caribbean, it is particularly well-known for its culture, history, and shopping opportunities.

When in Miami, why not explore all of it? Whether by Segway, on an airboat or by jetski, there is so much to see! For example the lively district of Little Havana by tasting the food culture of Cuba and listen to Caribbean music as you walk around. 

Our tip: Plan a weekend trip to Key West!  Visit a shipwreck, set sails for a sunset adventure and relax to the fullest.

Think Egypt for 2015. Really!

Mosques of Sultan Hasan and al-Rifa'i Seen from the Citadel

Finally, you can feel more secure about heading to Egypt. And you should!

When you think of Cairo you can’t help but think of all the ancient and mysterious wonders of Egypt like the Great Sphinx and the Giza pyramids. Besides these well known monuments to the kings and pharaohs of this country’s past, there are many other sights that depict the history and culture of this city on the Nile. 

In Sharm El-Sheik  you can go snorkeling among coral reefs at Ras Mohamed National Park  and fossils can be seen in the land area of the park.

Our tip: Fancy a desert safari? Hurghada is the perfect place for it! Enjoy an exciting quad bike safari ride through the Egyptian desert! Travel from Hurghada as you jump over sand dunes and zip across the sand to a traditional Bedouin village. Meet the locals and enjoy tea, hookah, and BBQ as you compare your cultures.

Book your trip to Berlin for the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall


Berlin’s long 20th century left its marks on the city. But with the restoration of monuments like the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate, it’s getting harder to see the signs of this troubled era.

The Berlin Wall, the barrier that once tore the city apart, now exists mostly as a narrow strip of pavement stones. Visit its sites and much more on a hidden tour of Berlin, guided by an insider! This year the capital city celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall and you should definitely be part of it! 

Between 7th and 9th November, a border made of light by thousands illuminated, helium filled balloons will run for twelve kilometers across the city center.

Our tip: Experience Berlin’s literally illuminated nightlife during the festival by riding your own Segway through town!

Reserve a rental apartment in one of Europe’s most exciting cities


Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month–Airbnb makes it possible for you to connect with locals as you rent their apartment! It can’t get any more authentic than that. The hosts sometimes even show you around and you will learn many interesting facts about their town! Additionally, the apartments are reasonably priced and you can cook your own spaghetti, gnocchi or penne.

It’s easy to see why Rome is called the Eternal City: you can see remnants of the past all over the ancient Italian capital. Ruins of the Roman Empire like the Roman Forum and Colosseum make it one of the great historic places to visit and draw millions of visitors every year.

Our tip: Skip the line at the Vatican and enjoy the many sights in town by bike! 

Plan your New Year’s trip to a chalet in the Swissmountains


With 235 km pistes with 5 snow-secure valley runs, 29 facilities, 4 snow parks and the largest half pipe, Laax is one of Europe’s snowiest and sunniest winter resorts. Book early and save money for flights to Zurich. What else could you wish for than watching the fireworks from a chalet in the Swiss mountains? 

Our tip: Zurich has much to offer visitors in terms of scenery. Take a day trip to the capital of commerce and take a walk around town, try the delicious chocolate and go shopping in the Bahnhofstraße, where you can find anything from elegant boutiques to edgy street wear shops! 


Paris with Kids – 48-Hours Guide

Whether you’re 4 or 44, this is a Paris city guide to have you looking wide-eyed at the grand boulevards and Eiffel Tower of the French capital, saying “One day, I’m going to live here!”

This is a city guide for two days in the French capital with no waiting in long lines or jostling with the crowds; two days with your family that’s full of trips to gorgeous parks, bustling bistros and perfect patisseries. Enjoy.

Day One: The Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens


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5 Things About the Beauty of Travel

5 Things About the Beauty of Travel. 

Traveling is a chance for us to explore the world, new cultures and learn about oneself in many ways. Holidays are sacred and one chooses the places to go on vacation wisely. While choosing where to head next, each of us has a different opinion about what traveling really means. For some, spending a few days at the beach is already relaxation enough, for others it is more about exploring a whole different continent. However, we are all traveling to see something different, create new memories and spend time with loved ones–or decide to dive into a whole new world, be by ourselves and can change our life. It is up to you!

However, here are 5 things that each of us can agree on when it comes down to the beauty of traveling itself.

1. Exploring something new


Look around and ask yourself if you are truly happy where you are right now. In this place, this house, this country. Does your heart aim for more, you feel the need of chasing new things to explore? Do you get a gutty feeling of excitement when you think about new adventures, different cultures and maybe even a new life? IF so then go. If you are leaving that means you can always come back. It is not a ‘goodbye’, it is rather a ‘see you later’! We are craving for new experiences for all our life. It is about redefining yourself and the question is if you can do that by getting too comfortable at one place. That is why traveling allows you to get out of your own four walls and learn inevitably about the world, different cultures and everything that comes along with the pleasure of discovering another part of the world. The smile of a kid on a street in Asia can make you change how you see the world and realize that some things shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There is so much more to life and we will not find it in our house, at home, in the same street we have been living for years now. Traveling inspires and adds this certain new spark to your usual routine, keeping life from getting stale.

2. Being taken out of ones comfort zone


Once you dive into the adventure, a journey whether near or far, it’s time to feel these new flavors and an unforeseen future awaits you. Jump into it blindly and you will not regret it. There can be moments where you get thrown into cold water: you may have difficulties to communicate due to language issues or other cultural differences that you were not aware of before. In the end although, these situations enrich you and lessons will be learned. When you return, your horizon expanded and the challenges you have overcome will help you in other situations in life as you are able to see things with a different set of eyes. Once the decision is made to travel, you accept to be an outsider and you abandon yourself from your comfort zone, growing out of it at the same time.

3. Falling in love with different places & people


Being taken out of ones comfort zone can be one thing travel teaches you but on the other hand, traveling may also open up your hear to fall in love with the unforeseen. A beach you find so beautiful that you will always want to return to, a street that will make you want to move to this exact spot or a person that you have met and you want to see again. You miss out on once-in-a-life chances, staying at home meeting the same (lovely) people over and over again, dining at the same restaurant (even the best pasta can loose its edge after a while) and seeing the same city lights, fields or streets. Now that you are in love with someone from another country or just the country itself, you realize again how life is full of surprises. One week spent somewhere else might  influence your whole way of thinking and feeling. We all chase love after all, and happiness. It is something we are moving for so why not travel in order to see what is in it for you? Who knows, maybe the infinite goal of life hides behind foreign borders.

4. Finding yourself & learning about life


To be able to understand yourself and others around you, it is important to travel. The purpose of life–we are all looking for it–but once you are far away, you get a fresh glimpse of what life can be or should be. This is also the moment when you will know whether you are happy in the situation and place you find yourself at right now or you get the feeling that there is something better out there. You must be strong enough to take that first step out of your home but once you have taken it there is no return, traveling, and the journey itself will absorb you and keep your heart open for more. There is a constant promise of something greater out there, and by exploring, changing or moving–traveling will make you grow.

5. It’s always good to be home. Or not? 


In the end, home is where the heart is and it is always lovely to return. The moment when you are back in the arms of your loved ones is wonderful but you are also richer with so many experiences that you can tell them about. Your adventures and new friends will stay in your mind forever. You may get back to your job, appreciate even more what you have and feel like you know where you want to spend your days, right here, at home. That of course, does not keep you away from planning your next holiday which is another beauty of traveling: the planning part and at the same time, the thrill of anticipation.

It is up to you whether you have decided on jumping back into the everyday life or set sails for new adventures. Your soul does not rest in piece anymore and what you have called final place before has now changed into a stop-over. The newer version of yourself now might want to live at this beach, on that street, far away with a person you have only met once but that has changed your whole world. Is it worth taking the risk to let everything go in order to move into this unforeseen future? Who knows. But we are constantly running after happiness and if you can find this happiness somewhere else than go, explore and travel. The beauty of it all is that you can do anything in life, it is your choice.


The 10 Most Incredible Beaches in the World

You love beaches and are already planning your next trip to the seaside? Have you been to one of the amazing beaches yet? If not, what are you waiting for! Pack your bag and get ready for your next adventure. Whether you are looking for a pink beach or glow-in the-dark-water, these stunning places actually exist. Check out the 10 most incredible beaches in the world!

1. Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas


The pink beach consist of tiny pieces of pink corals from a reef not far away which washes the chunks ashore.

2. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives


This is actually explainable even though it seems like the water glows all by itself! Bioluminescent Phytoplankton cause this glow by grouping together and shining it all out…

3. Glass Beach in California


Near Fort Bragg in California this beach looks like a million pieces of glass were being placed on to the ground but there is another, quite sad reason behind this special look: A long time ago, the residents that lived here used to dump all their garbage into the water and it was washed back ashore. The broken glass and other materials were pounded by the water over and over again for ages, so that is why this shore is glassy.

Head to Los Angeles in order to get to beach and spend your day there!

4. Panaluu Black Beach in Hawaii


This beautiful black beach gets its color from the lava that was running into the sea ages ago. Cooling of quickly in the water, the basalt then stayed at the shore, creating this particular sand.

5. Shell Beach in Shark Bay, Australia


As a cockle clam this is just the perfect place to be. Ever. The water around this stunning bay contains natural saline which is something sharks can’t stand. That is why the clams in this area go simply nuts and their shells litter the beach. Even though it is paradoxically called ‘Shark Bay’, you can’t find any around and just enjoy your day with the clams (or what is left of them).

6. Giants Causeway in Ireland


What you see here is cracked lava after it rose to the surface over 50 million years ago!

7. Vik Beach in Iceland


Another magical black beach formed by lava. Iceland has much more to offer though: The Blue Lagoon is perhaps Iceland’s most famous site, and with good reason. The steamy milky blue-green water of this natural geothermal spa will wash away the stress and sore muscles of all who enter. A number of tours from Reykjavik are available to the Blue Lagoon.

8. Hidden beach in Marieta, Mexico


Head out in the morning and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the waters of Banderas Bay on your way to the beautiful Marietas Islands National Park. Spend the morning there, watching for rare species of birds, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters that surround the islands, or relaxing on one of the island’s secluded beaches with your favorite drink.

9. The Beach of the Cathedrals in Ribadeo, Spain


This high, cathedral-look-a-like creation has all been formed by mother nature itself: the water that pounded continuously over the stones during time, has curved the different shapes into the rocks.

10. Dragon Eggs Beach at Koekohle Beach in New Zealand


These stones are surely not real dragon eggs but they go way ahead of our time. The sedimentary rocks are left overs from another land that has been washed away over the years. They could not be removed so the water pounds against them and shapes them into these round forms.